DIY Babies And Mamas Make-and-Take Rollerball Workshop Kit

DIY Babies And Mamas Make-and-Take Rollerball Workshop Kit

The DIY Babies and Mamas Make-and-Take Workshop Kit is a fabulous starting point for a successful class. The rollerball blends are a great way for new users to experience essential oils: they are simple to make, easy to apply, and inexpensive to use. Even experienced users will enjoying discovering new blends and applications for familiar oils.

The kit includes all the paper materials you will need to host a workshop for 10 people and make 10 roll-on blends (plus 1 bonus spray). Blends and spray for babies: Cool Baby, Sleepy Baby, Tiny Airways, Tiny Teeth, Tiny Tummy, and Tushy Spray. Blends for mamas: Calm Mama, Happy Mama, Mama Marks, Milk Mama, Tender Ta-Tas.

- Printed materials for a class size up to 10 people
- 20 Postcard invitations
- 10 Recipe sheets
- 10 Full sets of waterproof roller ball labels for 10ml bottles
- 2 giveaway sheets which include 5 labels of each recipe

Bonus Labels - 'Tushy Spray' for 15ml bottle

Please Note: Rollerball bottles not included.