Finding your unique balance means opening yourself up to new ideas and solutions, and trying them out to see if they are right for you. Our workshops are full of information, hands-on fun and lots of amazing people!

Find Your Dharma

Living in ‘dharma’ means living one’s true purpose and personality, and expressing it to the world. By living quietly – in fear, limitation or otherwise – we are denying the world our one-of-a-kind gifts. Living from the ego denies the full expression of our talents for the benefit of others.

The purpose of ‘dharma’ is to allow everyone in the world to evolve to his or her full potential. Let me help you, through this guided workshop.


Essential Oils 101

Essential oils are a highly concentrated liquid, derived from plant sources. These oils contain volatile compounds from the plant, and these compounds can be very beneficial to many aspects of health and wellness. In order to understand the use of essential oils, it is important to learn about which oils to use and how to use them.

This class will give you a good introduction to a wide variety of essential oils and how you can use these to help support your body.


Guide to Living a Non-Toxic Life

The best medicine is prevention, and in this class we will discuss the three pillars to great health: good diet, cleansing & digestion, and overall non-toxic lifestyle. Come learn about natural solutions to support your path to living a pure life!


Family Health Care with Essential Oils

This class will teach you how to address common ailments with the top 10 essential oils that no home should go without! Every family should have natural solutions available for their health care needs. After this class, you will walk away with information on utilizing essential oils at home!


Natural Baby with Essential Oils

Join one of our Natural Baby classes to learn how to make natural solutions for your new baby. You will learn recipes, tips and tricks on how to heal with natural solutions. We will review the top ailments as well as natural solutions to keep in your diaper bag!


Emotional Aromatherapy

Emotions are the results of complex psychological and sensory stimuli, including small. Modern scientific study of the influence of aromatherapy on emotion is confirming what people of the world have known for centuries; the delicate and complex aromatic compounds of pure essential oils can be used effectively to help balance emotions and brighten moods.

Come learn about the emotional oils and blends to deal with a variety of emotions.


Keep Kids Health Naturally with Essential Oils

Come learn how to use essential oils to deal with the top aliments kids most commonly experience. Along with this great information, you will also walk away with the top 5 Essential Oils that no mom should go without, and some useful tips for prevention.


Aromatherapy for Massage

Aromatherapy for Massage is a clinical approach to applying essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body.  Dr. David Hill, a leading expert in integrative medicine and therapeutic applications of essential oils, has personally developed this approach.

Training includes seven hours of in-class instruction and demonstration, a training manual and materials, and introductory set of pure therapeutic grade essential oils.


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