Life Coaching

The most impactful changes start from within. Get to know yourself at a deeper level and actively create the ideal life you want.

Kim Smadis

There is a very strong connection between mind, body and soul, all of which need to be nurtured equally. Our life coaching sessions are a series of one-on-one consultations that help you uncover what’s meaningful to you and building steps towards achieving that, with support and encouragement along the way.

Combining traditional executive coaching methods with more mindful practices make these a unique experience for PureLife Balance clients.


When you sign up for any of our life coaching programs, you can select the delivery that works best for you:

  • Virtual (2 sessions per month over phone or Skype)
  • Standard (1 in-person session and one virtual per month)
  • Premium (2 in-person sessions per month)
  • Family (Up to 2 group sessions and two sessions per family member per month)



Register for personal coaching sessions as you need them – on your schedule. During these sessions, we can work through your choice of topics. Uncover what is important to you in your life and what is preventing you from achieving it.




An easy and effective way to change your lifestyle is to start with food. This three-month program will teach you a new food pyramid and give you tips and tricks on how to incorporate a diet that is developed to prevent disease and inflammation in your body.

Experience new energy, mental clarity and a different outlook on food. Your body is your temple, and you need to nourish your temple. Try this introductory program and understand your potential for change.




Designed to transform more than just your physical health, this program will reignite your passion for living!

When people start changing their diet and transform to a healthier body, it brings forward many emotional eating habits that need to be addressed. The 6 month program includes everything in the 3 month program, but dives deeper into emotional eating, how to change your lifestyle and thinking to sustain your new-found desire to be healthy.

We’ll start to introduce mental wellness; a private meditation instructor will come to your house and show you how you to incorporate meditation into your life and have a healthy mind.

Taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body. We will go deeper into routines, lifestyle, and changes that need to be made to support your new lifestyle. This program is more than skin-deep and will really give you the power to transform yourself.




Designed for people who are ready to make a permanent change and commit to a new lifestyle. Includes all the benefits of the 3 and 6 month programs, but solidifies all the changes for a life long commitment of health and self-gratitude!

In this program we dive into your belief system and determine your vision for your life so we can develop a plan to get you what you want, for yourself and your family. We will set goals and change your environment to support your desire to achieve that vision.

Included in this program is a private raw food cooking class, private meditation, and a private yoga session - all things needed to support a healthy lifestyle for the mind, body and soul.

Because of the length of this program and the dedication it takes, we allow a degree of customization within this program and can design it to address specific needs and challenges you may have.