Becoming A Wellness Advocate

Stop building someone else's dream. Begin building your doTERRA business today!

dōTERRA's superior products are sold exclusively through independent Builders who, working from home (or really wherever you please), shares, educates, and sells dōTERRA's product, and for which you receive a sales commission.

This is your business. You're in the drivers seat. 

When you start your personal doTERRA business, you are in charge of your success. For this reason, you can invest as much or little time as you would prefer. If you already have a wellness practice in which you use doTERRA essential oils, this is also an excellent way to make additional income through the sales of the products. 


My Wellness Advocate Journey

When I started Team Pure Life, my Wellness Advocate team, just under two years ago, I really never thought that I would be where I am today. To be honest, I simply appreciated doTERRA's essential oils and wanted to share them with my wellness clients.

Fast forward to today - I can officially say that I've replaced my corporate executive income through building an amazing business with doTERRA.

Over the last two years, I've replaced the corporate office grind to living a purer and more balanced life. I work when I want and where I want. I have much more time with my friends and family. And, most importantly, I wake up each morning with gratitude knowing that what I'm doing is improving lives. 

Did it take a lot of work? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.


Being a wellness advocate changes lives. Yours and everyone around you.


Learn More: Getting Started Wellness Advocate FAQs


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